A way to make a stylus at home

I noticed was that a lot of you mentioned that you guys are finding it a little difficult to draw with your finger on your phone and you want to know if there is A way to make a stylus at home. So guess what? I read your comments and guess what I fulfill your request So today we are making a homemade stylus.

So get ready is time for some DIY why cuz I love it Why not? We’re making a stylist at home and get better than that. Love it Alright guys, so let’s make a stylus But before we make a salad, I’m gonna show you guys our stylus works using this ordinary pen Okay, so you can see this is a regular ordinary ballpoint pen But if this was stylus the body would be made of metal and it would have a conductive rubber or foam Tip somewhere you can draw write or operate your phone What happens is your body can store?

Electrical charge static electricity and that is transferred through your finger through your mobile or tablet surface now that surface is Basically sensitive to that electrical charge and then you can operate it or you can write or draw So in a stylus the body is metal So you are transferring that electrical charge to the metal and through that metal it goes on to the conductive tip so what we have to do is you have to create or make a Similar setup or device that can basically take the charge from your hand to the tip So I’m going to show you guys how you can do that So now you can make a stylus using a regular pen or even a pencil, right?

So I’m going to show you guys two different ones. So first we’ll do with the pen. So like you can see here This is a regular ordinary ballpoint pen So what we’ll do is first you’ll remove the refill because we don’t need that We are going to make a different tip So now we have just this plastic body now plastic is not a good conductor for electricity So we have to figure out how to transfer the charge for that.

I am going to use some Electrical wire this is your regular electrical wire, which has a copper wire inside So I’m going to take a small piece from this wire to cut it.

I am using regular scissors Now what we’ll do is we’ll make a small cut on this Now make sure when you’re making this cut you don’t cut through the copper wire we are just cutting The top layer which is this plastic cover relation And we will remove the installation There you go, you can see we have this Copper wire inside now for our stylus. We just need one strand so you can just pull one out Now we’ll take one end of this wire and we’ll bend it a little like this and we’ll put it right here in this hole the tip of the pen and then take it to the other side flip it and then Put the other end Right here on the other end of the pin and Then we take this part and just lock it in place.

Now, you can just twist it Okay, so you can see With a little bit of struggle I managed to push this in so now there is a copper wire running through the pin on the outside with one end going right here in The front hole the tip of the pen and the other end going on the back end Right here.

So now what you have done is you have made this pin Conductive to the electrical charge and now the charge can transfer from your hand through this wire to the tip of the pen Now I am using this plastic pin. So I am doing this whole wire mechanism But if you manage to find a metal pin, then you don’t need to do this all you need to do is make a tip and through that metal body the charge will transfer from your hand to the pin but Because it’s very difficult to find a metal pin I went looking I couldn’t find any So I’m showing you guys this alternate technique of using a plastic pin Now we need to make the tip now to make the tip I am going to use cotton This is just regular cotton So I’m gonna take a small piece maybe smaller than that and we will just roll it chilly even smaller and Now what you need to do is take some water And just dip your finger in water And then roll this again So what we’re doing here is we are wetting the cotton a little bit because again water is a great conductor For electrical charge so let the cotton absorb the water a little bit Don’t dip this in water. You need to apply very little water and now we will slowly push this inside a pin tip and once it is in you can just use the scissors again and Just cut it and shape it like A small tip. So now you have a small soft Conductive tip and you can use this like a stylus to operate your phone or draw on it. So let’s test this out so here’s my phone and Here’s our stylist all you have to keep in mind is that you have to keep touching the wire at all time because that’s how you are sending that static electrical charge from your body to this screen which is sensitive to that electrical charge and here I am in my Instagram app and Just try and draw with this Okay, that draws really smoothly Perfect So here we made a stylus out of a ballpoint pen And now I’m gonna show you guys how you can make a stylus out of a pencil.

Let’s do that All right So now I’m going to show you guys the second option how you can convert a pencil into a stylus now, obviously There is no hole here at the tip so you can’t insert the cotton here so for that you have to figure out a different method what I feel, is that a Q-tip or an earbud is a very good alternative so what we’ll do is we’ll take an earbud and we will cut it so you can see I have the earbud here and a small piece of The plastic tube, maybe I should cut it slightly smaller Now we take the pencil and we will insert it in this plastic tube of pipe So they go now your pencil has a soft tip now you can see this won’t stay here It’s a little wobbly.

So for that we will use some sticky tape and we will stick this in place Okay Nice and steady.

So there you go. We have secured this in place now You can see we have a soft tip but the pencil is made of wood, which is not a good conductor So now to transfer that electrical charge we need Something metallic. So either you can use a wire or you can use some aluminum foil so here I have a piece of Some aluminum foil. This is your regular Aluminum foil that you use in your kitchen to wrap your food So you can just take a small piece of that and now we will Just roll it over the pencil, but what you have to keep in mind, is that the aluminum foil should touch?

The tip of the your but basically touching the cotton because you want the charge to transfer from your hand to the aluminum foil and from the foil to the tip of the stylus, which is this cotton gear by Now we’ll use some sticky tape and just secure it in place There you go and with that you have converted this pencil into a stylus Now before you start using it, you have to do the same thing You have to make this cotton a little more conductive and once the earbud is nice and wet Your stylus is good to go then all you need to keep in mind is and when you’re holding it You should always be touching the aluminum foil because that’s how the charge gets transferred to it And then from that to the cotton bud and your stylus will work.

Let’s test this out So there you go guys that’s a cheap and simple way of making a homemade stylus I know it’s not the best but it’s great to start with and it’s so simple, you know You can make it at home and it will definitely help you instead of using a finger now You can hold a pencil or a pen and have a better grip of drawing some doodles…

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